winix Purifier Troubleshooting

Winix Air Purifier Troubleshooting – Common Problems(Solved)

If the purifier still isn’t working, try resetting it by unplugging it from the outlet and then plugging it back in. If you’ve tried all of these troubleshooting tips and the purifier still isn’t working, contact customer service for assistance. To figure out how to use your new appliance or to troubleshoot it. The same case applies to Winix air purifiers. This comprehensive guide contains all the information needed to master your air purifier. However, like any other device that improves the quality of indoor air, you may experience several problems with your Winix air purifier. These may range from sensor malfunctions to unnecessary shutdowns and filters producing an unpleasant smell. These purifiers are excellent for getting rid of airborne contaminants like allergens, dust particles, pollutants, and other things you don’t want in the air. On this page, we’re going to tackle all of your Winix air purifier troubleshooting concerns. We’ll discuss the potential problems you may run into as well as the best solutions. Keep reading for the best experience with your Winix air purifier.

We will provide you with some possible problems & their solution.

Common Problems:


The remote control does not work:

Make sure the remote control batteries are inserted correctly. You should replace worn-out batteries.


Unit leaves smoke and odors in the air:

Make sure the sensor is not blocked or clogged. Also, Move the unit closer to the offending odors. You should Replace or wash the filter as needed.

Units producing odors:

You should wash or replace your filter as you need.


REPLACE FILTER INDICATOR remains lit after replacing the filter cassette:

Press the FUNCTION and OFF TIMER buttons at the same time for five seconds. The REPLACE FILTER INDICATOR will flash five times and turn off.


Unit interferes with radio or television reception:

Because this unit radiates radio frequency energy, we suggest

you try one or more of the following:

  • For better reception, adjust the television/radio antenna.
  • Move the unit away from the affected television/radio.
  • Plug the unit power cord into an outlet different from the

Television/radio power cord.


Unit making sound:

This indicates that the PlasmaWave If the sound is distracting, turn off this function while you are in the room.


The dust or odor light is orange or red, but the air seems clean:

Clear the sensor with a vacuum cleaner, as it may be blocked or clogged.


The dust or odor light is green, but there is still dust/odor in the air:

You should clear the sensor with a vacuum cleaner, as it may be blocked or clogged.

Reset the winix air purifier red light:

If you do not reset the device as required, it may stop filtering the air in your home properly, and you may end up becoming a victim of various health problems.

Here are the steps you should follow during a reset:

  • Turn the purifier off and disconnect it from the power outlet.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the device back to the power source and turn it on
  • Use a thin object like a pin or paper clip to press the reset switch on the purifier for about 5 seconds. The reset is now complete.

First, make sure that the unit is properly plugged in and that the power switch is turned on. If the unit is still not working, check to see if the filter needs to be replaced. To do this, open the unit and remove the filter.

If the filter is dark or covered in dust, it needs to be replaced. Once you’ve replaced the filter, try turning on the unit again.

If your unit is still not working, there may be an issue with the fan. To check the fan, open the unit and remove the cover. Inspect the fan blades to make sure they’re not damaged.

An orange light indicates increasing levels of air pollutants, while a red light signifies poor air quality. The purifiers often adjust speed settings depending on the air quality, resulting in different colours.


The winix air purifier won’t turn on:

However, this may not always be the case due to either a loose power code or a damaged power outlet.

If a Winix air purifier won’t turn on, follow these steps:

The main reason why a Winix air purifier won’t turn on is because of the power rating. This rating is how much electricity is needed to operate the air purifier.

When you determine the power outlet of the air purifier, make sure it is plugged into an outlet that is capable of providing that amount of power. For this reason, you should avoid using power bars and extension cords to provide power to your Winix air purifier.

If the purifier turns on, then the power outlet is the problem. If it doesn’t work, there could be an issue with your power rating. Set your power outlet to the correct rating and try connecting the purifier one more time to see if it works.


Replace Winix air purifier filters:

To maximize the air purification process in your home, it is essential to replace the filters regularly. You should also go for reliable filters. Here are some of the best on Amazon. We’ve also created a detailed guide with the best Winix replacement filters for different models

Fortunately, the replacement process involves the following simple steps:

  • Unplug the air purifier from the power outlet before you get started.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the air intake screen and detach it from the purifier by placing your fingers on top of the hinges and gently pulling it away from the device.
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the air intake screen.
  • Insert the new filter into the empty space on the device. Ensure that the arrow on the top of the filter points towards the purifier and away from you.
  • Next, remove the activated carbon pre-filter and the True HEPA filter by pulling them away from the purifier.
  • Reattach the air intake screen and the air intake cover by pressing them back into position.
  • Ensure that the arrow on the top of the filter points towards the air purifier.
  • Insert a newly activated carbon pre-filter into its designated slot in front of the new HEPA filter.
  • Then reattach the air intake screen and the air intake cover on the air purifier.



How long should I run my Winix air purifier?

It depends on the air quality. However, it is best to leave the air purifier on all the time. This is because the air purifier is necessary to remove newly introduced dust particles every single minute. This way, you are guaranteed allergen and pathogen-free air all the time.


What do the colour indicators mean on the Winix air purifier?

The LED light indicates the current indoor air quality. BLUE is good, AMBER is fair, and RED is poor.


How Does Winix Measure Air Quality?

Winix has smart technology that is able to detect particles and other volatile organic compounds in the air using sensors. There is an AQI in the air purifier that will be able to scale the air quality in a detected range. When you set the air purifier to a specific setting, the fan will correlate to create good quality air.


How to reset the filter light on the Winix air purifier?

To reset the filter light, follow the steps below;

  1. Press the filter button and hold for 3 to 5 seconds
  2. You will hear a beep sound as the filter light indicator shuts off
  3. Then turn the air purifier back on


For the best performance of your Winix air purifier, always change the filters regularly and keep the sensor clean. This is very important because ignoring the maintenance could lead to a malfunction. When you take care of your Winix air purifier, it will take care of your indoor air quality. If the filter is dirty, it can restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of the purifier. You should also make sure that the purifier is properly plugged into an outlet and that the power switch is turned on. If the purifier still isn’t working, you can contact customer service for assistance. Don’t forget to reset the filter light once you have replaced the filter light. It’s important for you when your purifier filter needs to be replaced.

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