Bissel air320 purifier review

Bissel air320 purifier review

Detail review:

Bissel is considering one of those companies that provide a good quality product. It will help your homes maintain its quality, so that’s why it’s known for being the best home care purifier. It will feel fresh and help for relax all the time. It will be available for you at the most affordable rates. Rather it’s not only used for quality introduction. Air 320 is one of the most top-rated or has the leading range of quality air purifiers.

I would recommend this for anyone looking to get into an air cleaner to either see how it helps them and/or to help support and reduce the amount of work their HEPA air cleaners are doing, which will save money not having to replace the filters as often. I make it a point to vacuum the pre-filter sheet and grille at least once a week, to prolong the filters as well. And this does easy work of this. The grille is easy to remove and put back on, the pre-filter sheet is not the typical one with lots of holes, so it prevents the filters from getting worn out too early. The AUTO function works very well. It will show an “A” if on AUTO mode, which adjusts the fan based on the air quality sensor telling the machine the current state of the air and will display a BLUE light when all is good. If it turns GREEN (not yellow as the owner’s guide says), it means it is detecting something and is working a bit harder clean the air, and if it displays RED, it is in full clean mode, and you’ll hear the fan ramp up even faster. That is a beautifully engineered powerful machine, it got a very minimal design, with a white finish, that fits perfectly with my office and I already can tell it does a way better air filtration than my old machine, I can breath better no more sneezing and runny nose. Definitely worth every penny in my opinion.

 I love that it has only one single touchpoint button that you can control the fan speed, power, and filter reset functions. Also, it has a led light, so you can check your air quality level with just a glance. So if the indicator light is blue, it means air quality is perfect, yellow means air quality is just ok, and red means air quality is very polluted. I must also mention that I’m not sure how good of a job it does at purifying. We have some severe environmental allergies, and the purifier has done nothing to ease them, even when running the entire day, every single day. It does catch some dust that I can see in the front filter. However, there is still plenty of dust to go around in the room, so it doesn’t catch a majority of it. Honestly, after using it for several months, there is no difference in my or my children’s allergies. We are home all day and homeschool, so we spend a significant amount of time with it.



  • Product dimensions Bissel air 320 are 8.3×14.75×25 inches. Bissel air 320 has a has18.25LB item weight.
  • Bissel air 320 has no required batteries.
  • Bissel air 320 has a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Its filtration system consists of 3 staged fabric HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and a prefilter.
  • Its filter life is six months.
  • Bissel air has 205 square feet for room coverage.
  • Bissel air has automic mode.
  • Its levels of noise are between 24-50db.
  • It has a 45watt rated power
  • Its sensors consist of (PM2.5) particle sensors and ambient light sensors.
  • Its CADR consists of 136 cubic feet per minute.
  • It has five manual fans.
  • Its voltage level is 120 V AC 60Hz.

3-Phase Ventilation:

3-Stage Filtration for Simply Clean Air. Includes a fabric pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and an H13 medical-grade HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and smaller when on the lowest fan speed, helping to remove airborne allergens and irritants like dust, pet dander, pollen, and smoke like that from wildfires, cooking and smoking.

Honeycomb-structured filtrate:

Honeycomb-Structured Carbon Filter. Filter contains thousands of activated carbon pellets engineered to capture gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and common household odors, including odors from pets, cooking, and smoke. With this feature in the purifier, you get to believe in its authenticity in the powerful purification of your home air which you inhale all day long without even realizing how harmful and irritating it can be for you in your daily routine.

 Automatic flow order:

Large Room Air Purification. Filters the air in medium to large rooms like kitchens, basements, offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. Automated CirQulate System. PM 2.5 particle sensor monitors and provides colour-coded indoor air quality readings and adjusts to the appropriate fan speed for continuous clean air.

Impressive outline: It has a nice sleek white shape with clean lines, smooth edges, and minimal design with midcentury modern legs, a discreet cord wrap behind it, and a fabric filter that fit into the design of my white-on-black room. It has a light indicator at the front with a small digital led for the particulate sensor to display a number that represents the particle count and only one button on top to work the air purifier that you can rotate and press. It measures 14.5 width x 8.5 depth x 25 height.

Automated circulate system:

You will find another great thing that this air purifier comes with an automated circulate system for providing the best correct indoor air quality reading.

Unconsciously you get to know the air quality that you are inhaling through this feature. if their quality is dropped, that means you invite many health issues. This purifier not only provides you with the correct air quality reading for your rooms, but according to the lower down level of impurities thus, you can adjust the fan speed as much as possible. It is one of the most helpful features for cleansing your air with this automated adjustment fan speed. You can check the speed for unpurified air time and again. When you are busy with your own important work, it keeps you free of worry and safer for preventing some impurities.

Zero Noise level :

It is side-by-side, creating an amazing peaceful environment for those people who love the piece; it also maintains a cleaning process. These days it has fantastic features that can be found anywhere in the air. if you install this great purifier for home purposes, then you completely feel relaxed by his performance. Its fan speed is quite whispering for night automated mode. it is used as one of the best silent air purifiers for bedrooms. it is full of authenticity and satisfaction for purchasing side-by-side its silence provides us with a perfect purification system.

Room coverage: 

You will be amazed by knowing the capacity and area coverage of the air purifier significantly is admirable. It will be tested and comes with AHAM standards, or its CADR has almost 199 rooms that have to reach 308 square feet. Its placement options are the living room, basement, bedroom, and dining room.

Bissel air320 purifier

Impressive design:

The design of the air purifier consider essential for its quality and look. A purity and cleaning will be in a quality air purifier, or an impressive or great-looking air purifier will design your room in a more decent, attractive, and stylish way. It comes with filter access, a front panel filter that has great looking, intuitive controls, discreet cord wrap, and a stylish body. All these complementary features and performance make this purifier perfect.


Bissel air 320 has a 34$ cost for filter replacement.use per filter you on 68$ cost annually based six months.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Very simple to control
  • Versatile, attractive design
  • Auto night mode activated
  • One button control
  • Separate honeycomb filter to absorb odor
  • Energy star rated
  • High removal efficiency with 3-phase ventilation



  • Very loud
  • Limited smart features
  • Fewer features, no times or child control
  • No remote or app control



Can this air purifier emit ozone?

It is a 100% ozone-free air purifier approved by 320-CARB, but it has no electronic filter.


Do I wash the air purifier?

No, you did not wash this air purifier filter. They are not washable, but the fabric front panel can be a vacuum.


Can this air purifier utilize a HEPA filter?

Yes, it is used to capture 99.7% high-efficiency level through a filter or at a low fan speed or even in large; it removes 0.3 microns particles from the air.


Is  bissel 320 air a good purifier?

Yes, Bissel air 320 comes with more impressive features or an excellent purifier. It will help help you to inhale the purest air inside your home, which is busy purifying the air. It comes with filter access, a front panel filter that has great looking, intuitive controls, discreet cord wrap, and a stylish body. All these complementary features and performance make this purifier perfect.



Amazing build and very beautiful minimal design is very easy to control with just one button, and has excellent air purifying quality; I cannot recommend this enough, it’s built very well, feels premium, it’s perfect for special people with allergies.

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