The school where I work is celebrating an anniversary

The vocational school where I work is going to be celebrating a big anniversary next year.

They have been working for fifty years to teach all kinds of vocational students how to do all kinds of things.

The main thing that they teach is a heating and cooling course on how to become HVAC certified. There is just no way to tell how many HVAC technicians have gone on to work in the community after earning their HVAC certifications at our school. The guys who teach the heating and cooling certification courses are very thorough and they really know what they’re doing. They always make sure that safety is their students’ number one priority and the students learn everything that they need to know before they go out into the world to get jobs as HVAC technicians. Anyway, next year, they are going to be having a huge celebration to commemorate working in the HVAC community for the past fifty years. I guess it’s going to be an anniversary party but we are also going to make it into a bit of a job fair at the same time. We are going to invite every single HVAC company in the area to the anniversary party, too. That way, all of the current HVAC students will be able to meet potential employers in a relaxed setting. I’m pretty excited about it and by next year, all of this ridiculous virus stuff should be gone so we can have a big party and not worry about it. I hope we keep cranking out HVAC techs for years to come!

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My grandma loves her electric space heater.

She leaves the space heater running all night long most nights and it just worries me sometimes

My grandma really loves her electric space heater, but I don’t really know why. She has just always seemed to be really attached to that little heater. She has a regular electric furnace system in her house, along with a gas fireplace, but she doesn’t use either of those very much. My mom keeps telling her that the electric space heater will end up using more electricity in the long run than the central furnace system will, but my grandma refuses to listen. She’s a really stubborn little old lady, and she will never listen to reason. Even though my mom helped her get a new high efficiency furnace installed in her house a few years ago, my grandma basically refuses to use it. Instead, she will wheel this little space heater around the house with her wherever she goes. In the mornings, she takes it into the kitchen with her to have her toast and her coffee. In the middle of the day, she moves the electric space heater into the living room so that she can stay warm while she watches her shows on TV and reads her books. Then, in the evenings, she takes the heating unit into the bathroom with her while she’s getting ready for bed. At the end of the day, she lugs it into the bedroom and plugs it in next to her nightstand. She leaves the space heater running all night long most nights and it just worries me sometimes. I wish she would just use her high efficiency furnace system for heating the house instead.
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A bad day goes good

And my wife went out and finally got a smart thermostat! I was so over pleased with being happy.

I was having the absolute worst day you could possibly imagine. Anything and everything was going wrong for me! From the minute I left the house to go to work to the minute I was back in my car coming home from work. I will not get into the details because I do not even want to think about it. However, things took a drastic turn when I got home and my wife had a nice surprise for me. She had went ahead and bought one of those smart thermostats for our central heating and air conditioning system! I was so happy! I wanted to get a smart thermostat for the central heating and air conditioning system because our electric bills had been pretty high the last year. This would be a great way to save some money. And my wife went out and finally got a smart thermostat! I was so over pleased with being happy. My wife went and told me she did it because I kept forgetting and that I was far too busy. Since she knew that I was ok with it, she took matters into her own hands and I am so happy and glad that she did. Coming home to this brand new smart thermostat just made it so that this horrible day I was having turned into a really great day at the end. To think we will be saving hundreds of dollars on energy use was enough to brighten up my day and forget all of the bad things that had happened from the minute I left the house in the morning!
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Last call for drinks

In the summer time I love going to the local bar lounge late.

I like to be there right until the closing time where they are saying “last call for drinks”.

The reason for this is because the central air conditioning in the place is perfect at that hour. A lot of people have cleared out of there and the air flow is much much better. When there is a packed bar, the central air conditioning system just doesn’t flow as good. Even with the fact that they do not allow smoking in the bar. You have to go outside to have a cigarette. But that still doesn’t change the air flow of the central air conditioning system when the place is packed. So this is why I go there late in the evening, to be able to hang out in peace and just enjoy the top quality central air conditioning system they have in that place. In the winter time of the year I really do not have the time to go to the bar as much because I am over swamped with work that time of the year. But in the summer things slow down so it is my time to chill out and relax as the kids say. I bet anything though that it is the same with the air flow in the winter with the central heating system. When it is less crowded the air just simply flows a lot better. I may have to stop in there this winter one night when I am free and have nothing else better to do just to check out the heating.

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My HVAC compressor reached a critical stage as the noise grew louder by the day

If a machine or piece of equipment is starting to make loud, strange noises, it’s time to call a professional.

  • When my car engine started to screech, I took it into a mechanic to have it inspected the same day.

There were major repairs that had to be done, but at least it could be fixed. I was told that if I had waited any longer on bringing my car in for an inspection, that engine could have been too damaged to justify the cost of the repairs. It’s important to not let this happen with anything in your life. I had a friend who kept putting off roof repairs until he finally developed a water leak one evening while there was a downpour outside. If he had gotten the roof fixed when his insurance agent told him to, the leak would have never developed. Aside from my car, I’ve also run into these issues with my central air conditioner making weird noises out of the blue. When this happened previously, it was my condenser unit outside that was sounding like metal scraping on metal whenever the system was cycling. It was scary not knowing what the source of noise could possibly be before I had a chance to call my heating and cooling contractor. Right away, they reminded me that my air conditioner is still under warranty, so any mechanical issues would be fixed at no cost to me. When the technician arrived, he determined that there was a problem with my compressor and it needed to be rebuilt. Whenever my air conditioner was first installed, the coolant lines must not have been flushed, because a small contaminant in the line killed my compressor.

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In college we had no control over our thermostats

I had a lot of fun while I was in college, but it was equally difficult with the class load and the claustrophobic social atmosphere.

I went to a liberal arts college that had fewer students at the time than my high school did.

Even if you didn’t share classes with everyone on campus, the chances are that you’d run into everyone at some point. It was an insanely claustrophobic environment, but it was an exciting experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I was really lucky to get a roommate my freshman year that I got along with well. We listened to much of the same music, and we were both introverts that understand each other. Whenever there were large parties on campus, we’d typically both attend. Still, we didn’t see eye to eye on everything. For one, he was a literature student while I was a philosophy student. But the biggest difference was in our indoor temperature preferences. My roommate came from a home where the air conditioning was rarely running, while I was the opposite. In our sophomore year we lived in a building where the thermostats were locked in place, but not during our freshman year. My roommate and I kept moving the temperature dial around when the other wasn’t looking. It was a friendly disagreement more than anything, but it lasted for the duration of the school year. At one point I gave him one of my polar fleece blankets to have which made him a lot warmer at night. I am lucky that I got to spend my first two years of my college career living with that person as my roommate.

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The air conditioner in my new house is nice

The air conditioner in my new house is nice.

I had not had an air conditioner in a really long time.

I used to love air conditioners, but I went through a period of about five years where I didn’t like my air conditioner. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought that I was really sick or something. I even went to the doctor several times about it. I basically couldn’t keep my body temperature up. It was the weirdest thing. I was sent to several specialists, but none of them could figure out what was wrong with me. I ended up just living with it for five years. After five years, my temperature regulated, and I have been totally fine ever since. During that five year period, I hated air conditioning because I was already cold all of the time. I ended up asking people to turn off their air conditioners before I visited them. I had the temperature in my office at work set to eighty-five degrees, and I was still chilly most of the time. Well now that my temperature is back to normal, I like air conditioning once again. I am so glad that my new house has a wonderful air conditioning system. I got rid of the air conditioning system in my last house, so I am so glad that I ended up moving into a new house with air conditioning . I love my air conditioning now, and I can’t wait to use it for the rest of the summer months. Hopefully, that temperature regulation problem will not happen again.



My cat ruined my air purifier

My cat ruined my air purifier.

I was so upset when I started to smell cat spray.

It almost smelled like skunk. I actually thought that it was a skunk at first. I walked into my house one day after work, and I noticed that the house smelled pretty strongly of what I thought was skunk. I sort of panicked because I thought that there was a loose skunk in my house. I searched for about an hour before I realized that the smell was coming from my air purifier. I don’t know how the smell was going out of the air purifier, but it was. I got close to the air purifier and smelled it. The bad skunk like smell was definitely coming from the air purifier. I realized that I saw some yellow on the air purifier. It was from where the cat had sprayed. I figured out right then that it had been my cat. I didn’t have time right then to try to clean my air purifier, so I had to leave it. My entire house smelled like cat spray by the next morning. I actually saw my cat walk over and spray on it again. I was so furious. I tried cleaning my air purifier that day, but it was useless. The smell would not come out. My expensive air purifier is now ruined, and I am pretty upset about it. I don’t know what to do. I cannot afford a new air purifier right now. I may have to give my cat to one of my friends. I can’t afford for him to ruin any more of my things.

The fireplace is fake and so is everything else

Every Christmas we would go to Nana’s house and open our presents in front of her fireplace.

Then we would have a big family meal. Afterwards, we would go outside and play. Sometimes it would be snowing. Sometimes it wouldn’t. It really didn’t matter because we always had fun. Well this year those plans had to be canceled because of the pandemic. Mom explained that we wouldn’t want to get Nana sick because she is old and might not get better. I pretended that I didn’t care but I do. It just won’t be Christmas without Nana and her fireplace. I guess Mom feels the same way because she just got one of those big faux fireplaces that work as a space heater. Then we spent the afternoon making space for it up against the back wall. The faux fireplace looks pretty realistic. That is, if you don’t look at it too closely. Nana mailed Mom our stockings and Mom hung them on the mantle but it still doesn’t feel like Nana’s house. It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit with this fake fireplace. I am trying though. I even bought some woodsmoke candles to try to make the house smell like it has a real fireplace. It turns out that those woodsmoke candles just smell like an old bookstore where smoking is allowed. They don’t smell like real fireplaces at all. I have a feeling this whole Christmas is going to feel fake this year. Even our tree is fake. Maybe if it snows at our house it will help me feel a little better about it. Then we could play outside then come back in and warm up in front of the space heater fireplace thing.

a/c care plan

We can’t cover up the HVAC vents

For 30 years my aunt kept her home decorated the same way.

She had the couches in the same spot around the fireplace, the one end table with the Chinese lamp, and the glass coffee table in the center.

On December 1st she always put up the 8 foot fake tree near the bay window. It never changed. Not once. So when my aunt and uncle moved to a small apartment my aunt got very frazzled. She couldn’t set the house up the same way. The apartment had the HVAC vents on the floor so they had to be very careful not to cover the vents with furniture. It took months but my aunt finally found a new configuration she liked. Then December came. There was no room for an 8 foot tree. There was no room for a big tree at all. The furniture couldn’t be moved to make room for a tree either. Otherwise, the vents would be covered up again. This really upset my aunt. She was sad that she couldn’t even decorate in their new place. Then I came up with an idea. I found a tree that would not cover up any of the HVAC vents or take up too much living room space. It is a half tree so it sits flush up against the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. My aunt loved it when I brought it over. We set up the tree while staying nice and warm with the heater on. Now it is starting to feel like Christmas.

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