Author: Katie

My grandma loves her electric space heater.

She leaves the space heater running all night long most nights and it just worries me sometimes My grandma really loves her electric space heater, but I don’t really know why. She has just always seemed to be really attached to that little heater. She has a regular electric furnace system in her house, along […]

A bad day goes good

And my wife went out and finally got a smart thermostat! I was so over pleased with being happy. I was having the absolute worst day you could possibly imagine. Anything and everything was going wrong for me! From the minute I left the house to go to work to the minute I was back […]

Last call for drinks

In the summer time I love going to the local bar lounge late. I like to be there right until the closing time where they are saying “last call for drinks”. The reason for this is because the central air conditioning in the place is perfect at that hour. A lot of people have cleared […]

My cat ruined my air purifier

My cat ruined my air purifier. I was so upset when I started to smell cat spray. It almost smelled like skunk. I actually thought that it was a skunk at first. I walked into my house one day after work, and I noticed that the house smelled pretty strongly of what I thought was […]

The fireplace is fake and so is everything else

Every Christmas we would go to Nana’s house and open our presents in front of her fireplace. Then we would have a big family meal. Afterwards, we would go outside and play. Sometimes it would be snowing. Sometimes it wouldn’t. It really didn’t matter because we always had fun. Well this year those plans had […]

We can’t cover up the HVAC vents

For 30 years my aunt kept her home decorated the same way. She had the couches in the same spot around the fireplace, the one end table with the Chinese lamp, and the glass coffee table in the center. On December 1st she always put up the 8 foot fake tree near the bay window. […]