Luckily I got a heads up from the Heating and A/C company

Business relationships sure have changed over the course of my adult life.

  • It’s the nature of everything to change and evolve.

So, it’s not easily a criticism as it is an acknowledgment. One thing that I easily miss is being able to easily think who I’m dealing with. That’s why I go out of my way to be very sure that my currency goes to individuals more than to corporations. Our Heating and A/C company is one fantastic example of this. I have been doing business with them since I moved to this part over 30 years ago. They have proved to be loyal and ethical all through that phase of time. In fact, this Heating and A/C tech the two of us have just easily helped myself and others out in the last year or two. He came to the door after a preventive service repair call. I thought he was just letting myself and others know that he was done. But the pained expression of his face let myself and others be aware that wasn’t the case. He wanted myself and others to think that I needed to get proactive and have a replacement plan in mind for my Heating and A/C. It was just over 20 years old and still getting it done. However, the helpful Heating and A/C tech told myself and others that the end was around the corner. This is why it’s so vital to be able to trust those you do business with. I took him at his word and started to save and make plans to replace the Heating and A/C. Without that heads up and his honesty, I might have been in a real pickle. That’s because the Heating and A/C did just what he said it would. It completely died. But, I had a replacement plan in the works by then and the two of us hardly skipped a single beat.

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