No going without Heating and A/C in this house

My billfold strings are honestly a lot tighter than they were just a year ago.

Primarily, this is the result of needing to work from the small cabin in the comfort of our Heating and A/C for the entire summertime and more. And now that the summer season has wrapped up, it doesn’t look to me like it’s going to get any better any time soon. So, the two of us just keep plugging I guess. The household budget took some big hits due to our income being reduced as a result of the pandemic. I’m lucky to still have my job at all, and also be able to work from home. However, my partner no longer has her job as she is helping the young ones with their remote reading. So the two of us have to do whatever the two of us can to maintain our spending at a minimum level. But in this area, Heating and A/C is costly for at least half the year. Our summer season starts early and ends late. That means all of us have to own relaxing Heating and A/C just to make it through the heat. This year, the two of us easily pushed ourselves a bit more to see just how much money the two of us could save on the Heating and A/C costs. That meant that the two of us honestly maintained the home warmer than the two of us ever had prior. I kept an eagle eye on the Heating and A/C setting levels since I was now working from home. All of us didn’t cave and instead made sure that the two of us were disciplined in order to save that currency. All of us used fans in order to think a bit cooler. I’m 100% satisfied to be going into the part of the year where the Heating and A/C spending is very minimal. And, the two of us saved well over 20 percent on our Heating and A/C utility costs over the previous few years.

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