The Sunroom goes from boiling home to super comfortable with Heating and A/C

There was simply never a question in my mind that this transfer to the south would end up being great.

But, I was surprised at how suddenly I became so totally engrossed with the beauty of the part the two of us moved to.

Not having the brutal Wintertime was another immense bonus of course. Plus, being free of the old, enormous Heating and A/C heating bills was a fantastic thing as well. Of course there is a bit of a trade when it comes to the weather. Our current cabin deals with a summertime heat that I was so taken aback by initially. It was just so boiling and humid that I could not believe it at first. However, I quickly gained to manage. The best thing to do is to be inside the Heating and A/C cooling during the peak heating hours of the afternoon. That works out wonderful for myself and others given the facts that I am now working while in that time. While I am semi retired, I still have a small consulting business that I love. It keeps myself and others tied up and is not too much either. Working from my old cabin also allows myself and others to better manage the Heating and A/C use more closely. It works best for myself and others to have the inside temps never more than 15 degrees cooler than the outside temps. This approach easily reduces the Heating and A/C utility bills and also doesn’t make it such a shock when I go outside. However, 1 of the major things I loved most about this home was just unusable while in the summertime until recently. This place has a built on sunshine room. In the summertime it is just so boiling that I can’t even go in there. That seemed adore a waste so I had the local Heating and A/C put in a ductless Heating and A/C unit.


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